Mobility in the urban and maritime domains hugely impacts the global economy, generating data at high rates from an increasing number of moving objects. Management of the complete lifecycle of such data implies that trustworthy and privacy-preserving infrastructures need to be put in place, so that reliable and secure data operations can be provided. Meanwhile, the mobility data exploitation has still a wide potential due to the emerging applications and the environmental footprint caused by mobility (e.g. carbon emissions, energy consumption).

Motivated by these pressing needs, MobiSpaces delivers an end-to-end mobility-aware and mobility-optimized data governance platform with key differentiating factor that the outcomes of mobility analytics will be utilized to optimize the complete data path, in terms of efficient, reliable, secure, fair and trustworthy data processing. MobiSpaces promises the extraction of actionable insights from ubiquitous mobile sensor data and IoT devices in a decentralized way, offering intelligent transportation services, enforcing privacy constraints at the expected point of action. 

Collaboration with Emeralds

The collaborative efforts between the EMERALDS and MobiSpaces projects have seamlessly extended into joint communication and dissemination activities. One notable instance of their combined impact was witnessed during the Novels from Data Management Universe Webinar held on the 29th of May. During this session, both projects made significant contributions.

The Mobispaces Webinar served as a convergence point for five groundbreaking projects, each dedicated to pushing the boundaries within their specific fields. These visionary initiatives, namely MobiSpaces, GreenDatai, Waterverse, Stelar, and EMERALDS, collectively strive towards the development of innovative technologies, the promotion of sustainability, and the influence of policy decisions. The collaborative discussion provided a platform for these projects to showcase their unique perspectives, offering a deep dive into their ongoing objectives and long-term visions. Viewers were invited to engage in this enriching conversation, gaining insights into the compelling work these projects are undertaking to effect positive change in our world.

Looking ahead, EMERALDS and MobiSpaces plan to fortify their collaboration on a technical level. The next phase of this synergy aims to broaden their collaboration, seeking valuable insights on how to advance and refine their respective use cases. This forward-thinking approach underscores their commitment to mutual growth and the continual pursuit of excellence in their shared objectives.

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