GREEN.DAT.AI aims to channel the potential of AI towards the goals of the European Green Deal, by developing novel Energy-Efficient Large-Scale Data Analytics Services, ready-to-use in industrial AI-based systems while reducing the environmental impact of data management processes. GREEN.DAT.AI will demonstrate the efficiencies of the new large-scale data analytics services in four industries – Smart Energy, Smart Agriculture/Agri-food, Smart Mobility, and Smart Banking – and six different application scenarios, leveraging the use of European Data Spaces.

Collaboration with Emeralds

EMERALDS and GREEN.DAT.AI collaborated on the Mobility and Transportation: Evolving Value Chains and Market Dynamics in the Computing Continuum workshop, where the key topics addressed included the impact of research projects on the future of the Computing Continuum and the current industry challenges, such as energy shortages. This session, as part of the initiative, offered deep insights into the transportation sector, emphasizing cloud-edge-IoT applications. 

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