Mobility Data Science: Perspectives and Challenges


Mohamed Mokbel, Mahmoud Sakr, et al.


Mobility data captures the locations of moving objects such as humans, animals, and cars. With the availability of GPS-equipped mobile devices and other inexpensive location-tracking technologies, mobility data is collected ubiquitously. In recent years, the use of mobility data has demonstrated a significant impact in various domains including traffic management, urban planning, and health sciences. In this paper, we present the domain of mobility data science. Towards a unified approach to mobility data science, we present a pipeline having the following components: mobility data collection, cleaning, analysis, management, and privacy. For each of these components, we explain how mobility data science differs from general data science, we survey the current state of the art, and describe open challenges for the research community in the coming years.

Scientific Publications
ACM Transactions on Spatial Algorithms and Systems