EMERALDS: mobility management innovation through data science techniques

There is a huge wealth of data available about mobility in cities.

But how do you unlock that data and extract information that solves your mobility problems? TU Delft is participating in EMERALDS with the Rotterdam and The Hague local authorities and two startups.

The new data science techniques emerging from this European research project are helping cities gain a clearer understanding of the issues and take anticipatory action.

Traffic congestion, huge crowds, air pollution – mobility data can help solve problems of this kind.

"The more data Dutch government bodies and private parties have at their disposal, the more difficult it becomes to distil the right information from all those data sources" says Sascha Hoogendoorn-Lanser, director of the Mobility Innovation Centre Delft (MICD)

The article explains how systems become smarter after every problem. 

Read more about how the two pilot cities in the Netherlands and the two EMERALDS partners - ARANE & Argaleo - are providing a concrete contribution towards sustainable, inclusive, future-proof and safe mobility systems. 

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Sasha Hoogendoorn-Lanser