EMERALDS Joins Data Nexus Cluster to Tackle Extreme Data Challenges

EMERALDS has become part of the Data Nexus Cluster, a new initiative under the Horizon Europe funding programme. This cluster unites seven projects (Graph-Massivizer, NEARDATA, EXA4MIND, EXTRACT, SYCLOPS, EFRA, and EMERALDS), each striving to address the multiple challenges posed by extreme data generated from a wide range of sources, including IoT, industrial systems, business operations, administrative data, environmental monitoring, scientific research, and societal activities.

The Data Nexus Cluster, formed under the 2022 Horizon Europe call for Digital and Space, specifically targets the topic "World Leading Data and Computing Technologies." Recognising the critical role of data in enhancing the EU's competitive edge, the projects within this cluster, funded under HORIZON-CL4-2022-DATA-01-05, are dedicated to developing advanced technologies for extreme data mining, aggregation, and analytics. These technologies aim to securely extract valuable insights from vast amounts of raw data, thereby enabling sophisticated decision-making processes.

Methodology and Innovation

Each of the seven projects, including EMERALDS, is distinguished by its unique methodologies and application cases. These projects are essential in strengthening Europe's capacity to respond swiftly to urgent needs through the development and adoption of next-generation computing and data technologies. Operating under the guiding principles of European values, the projects prioritise the human-centred and ethical advancement of digital and industrial technologies, ensuring that the technology developed is trustworthy and empowering for end-users.

The projects are harnessing innovative infrastructures that seamlessly integrate across the compute continuum, which includes AI, IoT, High-Performance Computing (HPC), and Edge/Fog/Cloud Computing. The diverse application cases—ranging from crisis management and mobility to food security—demonstrate the projects' commitment to bringing their innovative solutions closer to the end-users, making impactful technological advancements a reality for a broader audience.

Cluster Objectives

The Data Nexus Cluster aims to foster a vibrant community among the seven projects, creating a synergetic ecosystem that encourages knowledge-sharing, network-building, and collaboration. This collaborative environment enhances the projects' impact by improving communication networks and facilitating the exchange of ideas and expertise across Europe. The cluster not only highlights the effectiveness of the Horizon Europe programme but also lays a solid foundation for future collaborations.

Through its participation in the Data Nexus Cluster, EMERALDS is positioned to contribute significantly to the collective effort of transforming how extreme data is managed and utilised, ultimately driving innovation and progress in various critical sectors.

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