EMERALDS Webinar: Navigating AI's Ethical Aspects

EMERALDS Toolset 2nd Webinar
28 March 2024 11:00 - 28 March 2024 12:30

Join us for the second webinar of the series, one that delves deep into the ethical and legal dimensions of the AI tool design, presented by the pioneers behind the EMERALDS project. As AI systems become increasingly integral to our lives, the importance of ethical considerations and legal compliance in their design cannot be overstated. This session will address the critical balance between profiling, privacy, and the legal frameworks that govern these technologies, going deeper into our The Hague Use Case

What We Learned:

  • Ethics in AI Tool Design: Understand the ethical considerations necessary for the responsible development of AI technologies. Learn about the principles guiding the EMERALDS toolset and how they can be applied to ensure ethical integrity.

  • Navigating Profiling and Privacy: Explore the challenges and solutions related to profiling and privacy preservation in AI systems. This segment will provide valuable insights into designing tools that respect user privacy while delivering personalized experiences.

  • Legal Aspects and Compliance: Gain a comprehensive overview of the legal boundaries affecting AI tool design. From GDPR to other international regulations, learn how to navigate the complex legal landscape to ensure full compliance.

  • Insights from The Hague Use Case: Benefit from an exclusive look into The Hague Use Case, a practical application of the EMERALDS toolset. Discover how ethical considerations, privacy, and legal compliance have been addressed and integrated into a real-world scenario.

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Missed the webinar? Don't worry, watch it here! 


Agenda & Speakers:Timeline

  • 11:00 - Welcome and Intro 
    • Foivos Galatoulas, INLECOM - EMERALDS Project Coordinator - The Slides
  • 11:05 - AI Trustworthiness: Insights into key ethical and legal issues in light of the new EU AI Act
    • Konstantinos Ntzoufas, LLM in Civil Law, Legal Ethics Advisor on AI - The Slides 
  • 11:20 - Data Governance and AI – the ethical aspects of sensitive data: the tool design, addressing profiling issues in AI systems, privacy preservation – Insights from The HAGUE Use Case
    • Ethical Table Process - Jeroen Steenbakkers - Owner & CEO, ARGALEO  - The Slides 
    • TU Delft Human Research Ethics - Sascha Hoogendoorn-Lanser - Use Case Leader, TU Delft - The Slides
    • Ethics of Mobility AI Development: energy, social, and transparency aspect - Anita Graser - Data Science Researcher, AIT - The Sides
  • 11:45 - Data Governance Act and GDPR in the scope of EMERALDS algorithms
    • Athanasios Fanos, LLM in EU Law, Legal Ethics Advisor on Data Privacy and AI - The Slides 
  • 12:00 - Q&A & discussion

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