Big Mobility Data Analytics Workshop (BMDA)

3rd Party Event
25 March 2024 09:00 - 25 March 2024 18:00
Paestum, Italy

The Big Mobility Data Analytics Workshop series (BMDA), started in 2018 with EDBT Conference, aims at bringing together experts in the field from academia, industry and research labs to discuss the lessons they have learned over the years, to demonstrate what they have achieved so far, and to plan for the future of mobility.

In its 6th edition, the BMDA workshop will foster the exchange of new ideas on multidisciplinary real-world problems, discuss proposals about innovative solutions, and identify emerging opportunities for further research in the area of big mobility data analytics, such as deep learning on mobility data, edge computing, visual analytics. The workshop intends to bridge the gap between researchers and big mobility data stakeholders, including experts from critical domains, such as urban / maritime / aviation transportation, human complex networks.

EMERALDS at the event

The event is realised with the EMERALDS' project support. EMERALDS' technical coordinator Yannis Theodoridis will be presenting the project at the workshop.

Official webpage of the event